This page summarizes the main changes. To see all changes, check out the commit log.

18 November 2023#

3 June 2023#

  • Switch to using conda and environment.yml

  • Update dependencies (and fix the various errors this caused)

  • Introduce aiscsimageio & use imageio.v3

    • Major update to the Python notebook in the ‘Pixel size & dimensions’ chapter

8 March 2023#

  • Update dependencies

  • Dark mode support!

  • Minor fixes

    • Rename selem to footprint for median filtering with scikit-image

15 January 2023#

  • Add this changelog

  • Make index.html the main page, not README.html

  • Add notranslate class to button text and menu items

    • This aims to make Google Translate (and perhaps other translators) give more meaningful output, without mangling user interface elements.

20 April 2022#

  • First release!