Much of this book started out in Heidelberg, when I worked in the Nikon Imaging Center at Heidelberg University. Thanks must go to Ulrike, Nico, Christian, Astrid & Carlo for all their help, support, insights and ideas – both during my three years working alongside them, and in the years since.

Thanks must also go to Wayne Rasband, for changing the face of bioimage analysis by creating ImageJ in the first place, and to the Fiji and ImageJ2 teams for their fantastic efforts in continuing to support and extend the software. I’ve no idea what I’d be doing in my career, were it not for their magnificent work.

Most figures included here were created from my original drawings, or from sample images obtained directly from Fiji under File ‣ Open Samples (also available at, apart from:

Finally, a huge personal thanks goes to Yvonne for her support and patience with someone who spends far too much time at a computer – including the many holidays spent working on this.


Fig. 1 Astrid’s sunny cell.#